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Today, Little Bookness Lane is ‘host to a guest post’ kindly provided by author James Durose-Rayner, as part of the blog tour for his new book, S5 Uncovered.

S5 Uncovered was published on 19th July 2016 and is available to purchase here. You can also discover more about the man himself and his book at the end of this post:

S5 - Guest Post

By James Durose-Rayner

The Inspiration

I have or had great friends – when I say great friends, I really mean it – and if you are a writer, I find it is always best to write what you know.


  1. A high-ranking policeman in South Yorkshire Police who was working within the city of Sheffield. He had also been under investigation by the IPCC as he’d had a man die in custody. Am I still in contact with him? No. He is currently ‘on the run’ with another mans wife. That bit isn’t in the book.
  2. His life was nothing short of a train wreck. He and his out-of-control wife (she was psychotic and possessed on-the-edge characteristics) drank heavily and he he’d had to leave Sheffield due a series of circumstances outside of the police force – his wife being caught on CCTV throwing a brick through the patio window was one of the reasons.
  3. A career criminal (1) in Sheffield.
  4. I initially got to know him in 2002 – and rather strangely through my accountant. I was owed £48,000 from various parties – the biggest amount being £9,000, and by going through the corporate judicial system I knew that I would never get it back. I therefore sent him to get it back. Draw your own conclusion how that worked out. A shite debt collector but a great story – but it’s definitely not in the book.
  5. A career criminal (2) is the younger brother of career criminal (1) and had just been remanded in HMP Doncaster and was awaiting sentencing on a charge of malicious wounding to cause GBH – section 18.
  6. For the record he was badly advised, went on the run, didn’t do his groundwork, had a rubbish defence and got 8 and ½ years. Did he deserve it? Read the book and draw your own conclusions.
  7. A career criminal (3) originated from Sheffield and was a Special Forces soldier serving in Afghanistan and The Middle East who when on leave – moonlighted within Sheffield’s criminal underworld.
  8. Is he still around? He served time in prison and now owns a protection company and female escort service in south London. Possibly one of the nicest people you could ever meet.
  9. A local authority housing officer whose married life, again was nothing short of a train wreck. He’s had three relationships since and is still no further on in life.
  10. I’ve used one of his many characters in every one of my books and if I wrote his biography – no-one would believe it. An extremely complex individual.
  11. He was and still is something of a sexual deviant and control freak, who liked nothing better than feeling like he was losing control – when in fact all the time it was him who was in control. His wife had a strange family – the mother, grandmother and uncle were all diagnosed with schizophrenia. An idiot? Yes. A criminal? Not really. Is he still married? Definitely not.
  12. The Tattooist. A gay, loud-mouthed extrovert from the Pitsmoor area of the city who was a major link with several fractions of north Sheffield’s underworld – especially the rival gangs in the city’s so-called ‘Postcode Wars’.
  13. Contrary to public belief – most of the serious criminals – especially those who deal in violence don’t really drink, therefore they need some form of ‘meeting place’. His studios were exactly that. A criminal? Minor. Is he still around? He is – but in another part of the city.
  14. An Asian businessman who ran an insurance agents and money laundering operation and who was well-connected to the Asian element of Sheffield’s underworld – mainly drugs.
  15. A career criminal? Minor.
  16. The owner of a dog meat factory with a dysfunctional family who was extremely well-connected to Sheffield and who has sadly recently died. Was he a criminal? Again, not really.
  17. A car dealer that currently resides in the north of Sheffield.
  18. An extremely well-connected, womanising, fast-talking, wheeler-dealing motor mouth with a through-the-roof IQ. A criminal? Very much so.
  19. There is one missing as he isn’t a friend.

S5 - Book Summary

(Courtesy of Authoright PR)

S5 Uncovered CoverBased around a series of true events.

The BBC’s current affairs programme ‘Panorama’ undertook a sixty minute documentary / exposé surrounding an elite government task force that went undercover in Sheffield over a period of twelve months.

Their remit was to use the Proceeds of Crime Act to fill up the police federations coffers using illegally gained intelligence, on one hand overlooking – and in some cases encouraging – major criminal activity such as murder, kidnap and torture; whilst on the other, surreptitiously acquiring pre-bargained guilty pleas from defendants then reneging on deals, which culminated in some of the heaviest sentences ever handed out in the UK. But the programme was never aired.


S5 - Author Profile

James Durose-Rayner has over twenty years’ experience in journalism. He is a member of the Writer’s Guild and the editor of NATM, the UK’s leading specialist civil engineering journal. His writing has been featured in over 210 magazines and his debut indie-novel, S63: Made in Thurnscoe, published in 2001, received positive reviews. In 2015, I Am Sam (Clink Street Publishing) and itv Seven (New Generation Publishing) followed to more affirmative acclaim. Durose-Rayner currently divides his time between the UK and Cyprus.


Thanks for stopping by. You can also visit the other blogs on the tour by following the schedule below.

All the best,

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