Ratings Policy

Little Bookness Lane offers five units of rating, with five being the best making it’s way down to one, which to be honest I have yet to encounter as I tend to only select/accept books I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy reading in the first place!

Occasionally, a truly magical book will come along and exceed all my expectations resulting in this system going right out the window! But for now, here goes:

5/5  –  I LOVE it, can’t fault it, go buy it!

4/5  –  I really like it. Happy to recommend.

3/5  –  I like it, but it’s missing that ‘spark’ for me.

2/5  –  It’s okay, just not a firm favourite.

1/5  –  Sorry, it’s just not up my street.

As I prefer to feature books on this site that are ‘right up my street’, any book I would rate below 3/5 (in my humble opinion) will not make a review appearance on the blog.

Same goes for DNF (do not finish), although this is very, very rare. In the unlikely event this does occur I will politely, and discreetly, inform the publisher / author of my decision to stop reading.

And there you have it, my simple ratings policy. Any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

Best wishes,


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