Book Review: Dead Souls (DI Kim Stone Book 6), by Angela Marsons

Publisher: Bookouture

Publication date: 28th April 2017

So, here we are again. Angela Marsons: slaughterer of sleep, shredder of nerves, and a writer who consistently leaves your patience in tatters as you wait for the next DI Kim Stone fix. Its highly addictive qualities leave me craving more – every single time.

Each book is unique and maintains the focus on hard-hitting topics, which are not dowsed in sensationalism for kicks sake but are a reflection of real life.  And every one of them invites that special Kim Stone defiance to the table to give further insight into both her and her team’s personalities and their reactions to certain cases, like the one we find here…

A field, partial skeletal remains, abhorrent reasons for assault which escalates to so much worse, and an historic flashback to a captive, confused man not quite understanding the complete gravity of his startlingly grim situation, progress to the principle theme of hate crimes. The investigation uncovers what can only be described as human slurry eking their way onto the Black Country streets with alarming arrogance in a campaign directed at sectors of the community who don’t warrant such deplorable attention.

Remove one Stone from her office to work a case at a different station and we’re hoping the remaining officers don’t topple when faced with some incredibly weighty issues. The change allows the natural evolution of her team to be explored, together with the essence of their relationships. The team at Halesowen police station must learn to handle their boss’s absence, try not to inadvertently insult one another, and reconsider their own attitudes to some disturbing issues without overshadowing the communities affected or their colleagues, even if tensions are running feverously high.

The unforeseen re-ordering of rank, however temporary, gives them time to excel or crash, while acquainting us with further unexpected insights into my favourite detective’s past as she’s thrown into the territory of a former colleague with hints of an unwelcome episode preceding her DI days. From brief spats to complete silence, misjudgement seems the order of the day. It’s brilliant to watch how the situation between these two develops especially now she’s the outsider being permitted to tag onto someone else’s team.

I’m so, so happy to have seen more of the other officers and their abilities as they confront some truly contemptible people in an unbeatable face-off; although it was spectacularly orchestrated it’s utterly dreadful to try to imagine the intensity of raw fear, especially when it’s reinforced through the encouragement of others.

To sum up my thoughts upon reading Dead Souls: yet ANOTHER cracker to add to an already stunning series. This stomping great read from an exceedingly talented writer will have you furiously flipping the pages like there’s no tomorrow. 

Rating:   5/5

(I voluntarily downloaded a copy of this title courtesy of the publisher and NetGalley, with my thanks. It’s also on pre-order but I simply couldn’t wait any longer to read it!)

(Courtesy of Amazon UK)

When a collection of human bones is unearthed during a routine archaeological dig, a Black Country field suddenly becomes a complex crime scene for Detective Kim Stone.

As the bones are sorted, it becomes clear that the grave contains more than one victim. The bodies hint at unimaginable horror, bearing the markings of bullet holes and animal traps.

Forced to work alongside Detective Travis, with whom she shares a troubled past, Kim begins to uncover a dark secretive relationship between the families who own the land in which the bodies were found.

But while Kim is immersed in one of the most complicated investigations she’s ever led, her team are caught up in a spate of sickening hate crimes. Kim is close to revealing the truth behind the murders, yet soon finds one of her own is in jeopardy – and the clock is ticking. Can she solve the case and save them from grave danger – before it’s too late?

An addictive, sinister crime thriller that will have readers on the edge of their seat.


(Courtesy of Amazon UK)

Angela Marsons is the author of the Amazon Bestselling DI Kim Stone series – Silent Scream, Evil Games, Lost Girls, Play Dead, Blood Lines and Dead Souls and her books have sold more than 2 million in 2 years.

She lives in the Black Country with her partner, their cheeky Golden Retriever and a swearing parrot.

She first discovered her love of writing at Junior School when actual lessons came second to watching other people and quietly making up her own stories about them. Her report card invariably read “Angela would do well if she minded her own business as well as she minds other people’s”.

After years of writing relationship based stories (The Forgotten Woman and Dear Mother) Angela turned to Crime, fictionally speaking of course, and developed a character that refused to go away.

She is signed to for a total of 16 books in the Kim Stone series and her books have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Her last two books – Blood Lines and Dead Souls – reached the #1 spot on Amazon on pre-orders alone.


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Evil Games (Detective Kim Stone Book 2), by Angela Marsons

Publisher:  Bookouture  |  Publication date: 29th May 2015  |  Edition: Kindle (Netgalley)

Evil Games by Angela Marsons - DI Kim Stone Book 2

Exceptional crime fiction from Angela Marsons: DI Stone leaves no clue unturned.

Okay, I’m going to be honest with you here. After reading the superb Silent Scream, I didn’t believe Angela Marsons could dream up an even more depraved villain to roam the Black Country streets. But, thankfully she did and I’m absolutely thrilled about it!  Is there no limit to her fictional wickedness?

Detective Inspector Kim Stone has her work cut out for her this time round. With not one, but two vile cases that will have a profound affect her personally. It’s not long before the firewall she’s customised to keep everyone else out is tested to breaking point.

Case one involves a sickening report of child abuse. Ever the detached professional, Stone might be able to draw on experience from her own neglected childhood to get answers, but the detective’s heart silently breaks for the victims involved.

The other case takes quite a different line of enquiry altogether. A convicted rapist is found dead in what seems to be an unprovoked attack. Already Stone’s detective sense is tingling…

As ever, the devil’s in the detail.  But it’s these details that help her catch the monsters we trust the most. This time, she will have to confront her own demons to go head-to-head with possibly one of the greatest tormentors I’ve seen portrayed for some time – their character is SO well written, and oh, so cold. I despised them in a matter of seconds as they selected their prey.

DI Stone knows only too well that there’s a fine line between a fragile mind and a broken one. During the course of the investigation that line is crossed. Without knowing, she too has been invited to play Evil Games’.

Our Detective tries hard not give too much of herself away, except for a stare directed at DS Bryant that would give Medusa a run for her money, or a perfectly-timed, sarcastic quip to put one of her team in their place. Will this be enough to prevent Kim Stone becoming part of the sinister experiment our curious villain is conducting? As she hunts for the dark truth in both cases, she may not have any choice in the matter.

Angela Marsons certainly knows how to throw a curve ball out of nowhere, and it’s damned subtle. I can’t wait to see what’s in store in Book three. For now, I urge you to read this – you won’t be disappointed.

DON’T PANIC! If you haven’t read book one, you can jump right with this one. It’s a stand-alone investigation and you won’t feel like you’ve been left behind.

To summarise:

Silent Scream (Book 1) was quite brilliant. Evil Games (Book 2) is EXCEPTIONAL. Clearly, the current rating system is broken as it’s unable to accommodate books of this calibre. So I give you –

6/5  – Yes, I know, I’ve invented a new one. It’s okay, Evil Games grafitti font made me do it.

(I would like to offer my sincere thanks – and my left kidney – to the publisher for allowing me to download this title from Netgalley.)

You can follow the very lovely author on Twitter: @WriteAngie  |  And the equally lovely Publisher:  @Bookouture

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