The Versions of Us by Laura Barnett

Publisher: W & N  |  Published 28th May 2015  |  Edition: Paperback (review copy)

Ther version of us by Laura Barnett

The Versions of us is a story that ‘breathes’ as you read – it’s such a clever and thoughtful book.

What if one small decision could change the course of your life?

This is not an ordinary story. It doesn’t have a set conclusion, nor does it follow a direct path. It’s one that breathes, as it observes three possible outcomes from a chance meeting in 1958.

‘In The Versions on Us’, Eva and Jim first meet at side of the road when Eva has a puncture on her bike. From that moment on, their lives could take a varied number of paths depending on a decision they make in that small snapshot of time.

Bearing in mind Eva is already involved with someone called David at this point, the remainder of the book takes us on ‘what if’ journeys until we reach the current day in 2014.

I’d refer to it more of a life story than a love story, as it covers much more ground than just ‘boy meets girl’ one day and ‘X’ is therefore bound to happen.

It doesn’t. Life’s not always that simple.

Through heartache, missed opportunities, bad mistakes and the good times, you can’t anticipate the final version, as it ebbs and flows according to the places the characters have reached in their own careers, locations and selves.

‘The Versions of Us’ is much deeper than I’d initially given it credit for. The sheer brilliance of it lies with the fact that no matter which version is presented, it’s not wholly perfect. As in life, any number of circumstances, or the acts of individuals around us can influence what ‘fate’ may have in store – for better, or for worse.

Such a well thought out and highly memorable read that will play havoc with your emotions.

Rating: 4/5

(My sincere thanks to the publisher for giving me the opportunity to review this title @RebeccaGray.)

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