Book Review: Anything For Her, by Jack Jordan

Publication date:  11th June 2015  |  Edition:  Kindle copy (provided by the author for review)

Anything For Her - My review

Anything For Her is an immersing, revenge-fuelled read.

It’s a suspenseful story surrounding a dark secret and its effect on a seemingly perfect family: a passionate couple, two kids, nice house and rolling in money.

The daughter has shed her wayward traits due to something that happened over a year ago, which throughout most of the book is referred to as ‘that night’. Although details of this are not offered until much later it soon becomes apparent that it’s a secret only mother and daughter share, creating a unique bond between them.

What is abundantly clear is since ‘that night’ the rest of the family’s relationships have taken a nosedive; the daughter, once a party animal, has become a virtual recluse, the young son knows something’s wrong but is in the dark as much as the husband, who felt so excluded from the secret and his wife’s preoccupation with it that he’s been consoling himself with his sister-in-law of all people.

To add to their already unravelling life, the affair and the secret that affects them all, the father also faces charges or financial misdemeanors and he braces himself for being carted off to prison. They could lose everything they’ve worked for. You might believe this is enough for any family to contend with, but no, events are about to get much, much worse for them.

So, let the torment begin – little things occur that only the two secret keepers will recognise as a taunt directed toward them. It leaves them wondering who else knows what they did that night? Their trauma is hiked up a notch when the daughter goes AWOL. As the police start asking routine questions they face a brick wall when the mother shuts them out. This only reinforces their curiosity to discover what she is trying to hide.

The writer’s done a terrific job of creating tension and there’s a nice bit of character building, although the husband has the personality of an irritating fly you’d want to swat at regular intervals (same goes for the sister-in-law!). There’s no likeable hero in this story, as all the players appear to be acting in their own selfish interests.

It does get quite intimately graphic in places to a point where I wouldn’t say it contributed to the story any further than if the scenes had been deleted or toned down. Rather than read about ‘more flesh’, personally I would have liked to have seen the police officers in charge of the case ‘fleshed out’ more, as I felt their presence was a little lukewarm by comparison. That’s just my own observation and it certainly didn’t prevent me from being engrossed in the story.

In Anything For Her, as the tension creeps, mystery and misery are unavoidable – it’s not a question of if the secret will come out, more a question of when

Rating: 4/5

(I’d like to thank the author for providing a copy of his book for review. Much appreciated.)

Anything For Her - Book Summary

Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you.

Louise Leighton’s life has fallen apart, all because of one fateful night. Her husband is an adulterer, her sister is his mistress, and soon, Louise will lose everything she owns. But she never imagined she would lose her daughter.

Eighteen-year-old Brooke Leighton is missing. It’s up to Louise and the Metropolitan Police to find her. Has Brooke run away? Or has she been taken against her will? And can Louise aid the investigation without mentioning the night where all of her troubles began?

If she mentions that night, she will incriminate her daughter for heinous crimes. But if she doesn’t, she may never find Brooke; and if she has been abducted, the person who took her may come for Louise, too.

Sometimes the past comes back to kill you.

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Jack Jordan Author

Jack Jordan lives in East Anglia, England. He is an introvert disguised as an extrovert, an intelligent person who can say very unintelligent things, and a self-confessed bibliomaniac with more books than sense.

‘Anything for Her’ is Jack Jordan’s debut novel.

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