Dark Tides, by Chris Ewan

Publisher: Faber & Faber | Publication date: 16th October 2014 | Edition: Hardback

Dark Tides 19.12.14

Suspenseful & brooding, a great crime mystery.

Dark and moody, Dark Tides centres around the seemingly not so coincidental events surrounding a group of friends on Hop-tu-naa (Halloween, on the Isle of Man). The events ‘brew’ slowly, but not like you would normally expect on the 31st October!At 8 years old, young Claire has to cope with the loss of her mom, who disappeared after taking her ‘trick or treating’; her body was never found.

A few years pass and Claire is introduced to a group of friends, who take it in turns each year to select a dare of their choice. This dare takes place on Hop-tu-naa, usually in a remote location, somewhere you’d normally avoid in the daylight, let alone visit in the dark. Despite reservations, she participates.

The story is told, the group grows older. Yet, it appears that as the years pass varying ‘accidents’ also occur on this familiar date. Unfortunate, yes, but ‘something’ starts to nag at Claire, who has since joined the Police. She realises that she and her friends have something other than their secret yearly dare to bind them. As it turns out, there’s someone watching them, resulting in horrific consequences. (That ‘something’ is pretty creepy, too.)

You’d be forgiven if you thought this was a regurgitation of a typical, ‘teenage’ scare story on a familiar date. Let me stop you there. It’s a story that’s very well told, and the Isle of Man makes an incredibly interesting setting.

To summarise:
Dark Tides is a subtle, brooding tale, full of suspense to the end with a few twists thrown in.
Definitely worthy of a read.

Rating: 4/5

(Thank you to the publisher and Chris Ewan for my signed copy I received as a result of a Twitter Competition. Much appreciated.)

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