Hold The Dark, by William Giraldi

Publisher: No Exit Press | Published: 26th February 2015 | Edition: Paperback

The dead don’t haunt the living. The living haunt themselves…

Hold the Dark is superbly haunting and oddly captivating.

Hold The Dark

A truly remarkable read.

Russell Core, an author of book and expert on wolf behaviour, is contacted by a mother whose boy had perished at the jaws of such a ‘monster’. Core doesn’t know if he can provide a resolution to this woman’s grief. As the death toll now stands at three children, all of whom were taken from the same village, he answers her plea for help.

Surrounded by the Alaskan wilderness, this small village of Keelut is an unyielding place, perilous to anyone unfamiliar with this territory. It’s so bleak in this area, the hands of a town clock are frozen to permanently to display the wrong time.

Shortly after Core’s arrival he becomes aware that the boy’s mother, Medora Slone, is clearly more traumatised and alone than he could have ever comprehended.

With the boy’s father, Vernon Slone, deployed abroad and fighting his own demons in a gritty war, soon he will return to the village to learn the fate of his son – the consequences of which will be far worse than anyone could imagine.

Before Vernon reaches home, Medora vanishes into the Alaskan wilds. At this point it appears that Core’s expertise is exhausted. Yet when he learns that a different kind of predator is traveling with its own agenda, the author has to apply his knowledge to understanding the darker side of human nature.

With the Keelut people talking in riddles and being reluctant to share their ‘world’ with outsiders, their mysterious, almost primeval customs are something that passing visitors may fail to understand. Without their help, will Medora be found before she becomes the prey?

It’s not until the end of a desperate and bloody hunt that you learn that this story has been leading you into a den of disturbing lies.

Despite it being pretty grim in places, the writing is just beautiful – it’s a truly remarkable book.

Rating: 5/5

(Many thanks to Twitter: @thebooktrailer for providing a copy of this book, which I won in a recent giveaway)