Book Review: The Feiquon Heist, by D C J Wardle

Publisher: Clink Street Publishing   |   Publication Date: 12th January 2016

The Feiquon Heist My Review

The Feiquon Heist Kindle CoverThe Feiquon Heist is a superbly written caper of social pecking orders, rising and falling aspirations, plus, THE most impromptu bank robbery you could ever imagine!

The would-be thieves are a funny old bunch. Each of them are brimming with truly individual traits, being quirkily charming and outwardly content with their quiet, uneventful noodle-eating day. Then why on earth would they contemplate breaking into the bank that’s paying their wages and putting food on their tables?

Following the sad passing of Old Papa Han the bank is left to recruit a new manager. Modernising the ramshackle building is a work in progress, with new staff and security measures to boot. Some employees are finding it difficult to adjust to the changes in their lives, both inside and outside the bank walls. Most are doing what they can to accept the new order of things, but sometimes that comes at a price.

Bought together through circumstance and opportunity, the gathering of kindred spirits hastily plot the crime. Considering it was based on the vaguest interpretation of an idea, which came to a security guard via a pig, the moon, and his villainous deceased aunt, you would think they would at least have a contingency plan in place, not sitting around in their underwear (don’t ask), scrambling around for plastic bags to wear on their hands as no one thought to bring gloves to prevent fingerprints being left! Little do they know, the poor little bank is already under fire from events outside their control.

That security guard is Mr Keung, who is undoubtedly the brains *coughs* behind the operation. This extraordinarily loyal employee invites both an ex-burglar and a man living with a guilty secret to share in his chaotic vision, and it feels like the best idea he’s had in ages. What is it they say about too many cooks and all that …?

Despite this shady escapade at the bank, and the wretched past that has shaped each of their lives, there’s still a politeness to the trio’s behaviour. Their story shows that occasionally there’s a good reason why some people may do a ‘bad thing’.

Sometimes it looks like things are changing because everything’s different for a while. It’s only really a change if you can look back a long way and no longer recognise where you came from.

Set in an off-the-beaten-track town in South East Asia this marvellous, warm-hearted tale has oodles of classic, standout moments, both humorous and poignant – it’s a little bit special, and I loved it.

Rating: 5/5

(Huge thanks to Kate at Authoright for arranging a  review copy of this little gem.)

The Feiquon Heist Book Summary

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“Three people, three problems, one solution. That’s why the three of us have to rob this bank. What’s more, we have to do it tonight!”

The colossal roll of thunder that roared from the night sky, close above, shaking the floor and rattling the windows in their frames did nothing to steady Kheng’s frayed nerves or suppress his increasing anxiety as he cautiously led his co-conspirators through the dark corridors of the Maklai Provincial Bank. Still, once they’d made it through to the safe room, all they had to do was take the money that they needed and make their way back out.

It was a simple plan, and would solve the ever-growing burden of problems that had been forming since Old Papa Han had passed away. It had never occurred to Kheng that his co-conspirators might have some very different ideas of their own about how the robbery should eventually play out. He was even less aware that he was far from alone in his attempts to capitalise on the evolving circumstances of recent weeks.

Deciding to plan a heist of the provincial bank in a sleepy backwater town in South East Asia wasn’t going to be the straightforward solution that Kheng had imagined, even if he did have the advantage of being the bank’s longest- serving night guard.


The Feiquon Heist Author Bio

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DCJ Wardle is the author of humorous novels “The Feiquon Heist”, ‘Trading Vincent Crow’ and ‘Vincent Crow: Export’. In January 2013 he was author of the month on Holding post-graduate qualifications in development managements as well as community water supply engineering, over the past sixteen years, he has worked in developing countries in Africa and Asia managing emergency and development programmes.

He currently lives and works in South East Asia.

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