The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die (George McKenzie, Book 1), by Marnie Riches

Publisher:  Maze (Harper Collins)  |  Publication date:  2nd April 2015  |  Edition: Kindle

The Girl Who Wouldnt Die by Marie Riches

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die will keep you on your toes.

I have one word for this suspense in this book – unrelenting. It’s meaty, gritty and raw. In fact, it has everything you want from a crime thriller.

Meet George (Georgina) McKenzie. Fiesty. Ballsy. Conceals an OCD side. She’s a young woman who thinks she’s in charge of her life, but as we will see it’s a life that is not entirely her own. She’s a complicated character, with a past she can’t forget.

There’s been an explosion. Due to the unusual circumstances, suspicions are pointing to a terror attack and the police need help to draw out the culprit. They ask George to write a controversial post on her student blog and wait for the comments to come flooding in, but the consequences are nothing like she or the authorities could ever imagine.

‘Creaking’ Paul van der Bergen is the officer on the case. He’s aloof and slightly touched by hypochondria, but like George he has a yearning for the truth. He now dwells among some of the best fictional people I’ve met in a book – Marnie Riches has achieved an incredible feat with her carefully placed, subtle descriptions of him. The conversation exchange he has with George is utterly brilliant.

Despite several warnings, George’s personality traits mean that she’s a meddler, when she should leave well alone (I do like a good meddler). More carnage later, a breadcrumb trail being left by a watcher in the shadows is starting to emerge, and the end of the road will have a massive impact for George and those around her.

From Amsterdam to Cambridge, circling the mean streets of London and back again, the story rages along – it stops to breathe periodically, but even then your mind’s ticking over and contemplating the ever changing plot.

The Girl Who Wouldn’t Die shows much of the seedier side of life – drugs, human trafficking, and prostitution – along with the good, the bad and the very ugly people involved in these activities (not to mention the incredibly unstable).

There’s plenty to keep even the most hardened crime fan occupied – its punchy twist is fan-bleeding-tastic.

Highly recommended, and in this case I mean VERY highly.

Rating: 5/5

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