Book Review: The Trouble with Henry and Zoe, by Andy Jones

Publisher:  Simon and Schuster

Publication date:  Paperback – 28th July 2016  |  Kindle – 1st July 2016

Trouble With Henry and Zoe My Review

The Trouble with Henry and Zoe by Andy Jones - Kindle CoverTake one fully qualified dentist, with a keen mind for recalling the subtle details of old movies, who seeks peace and quiet after jilting fiancée at the altar. Fled home town to avoid a lynch mob that can’t forgive him for said unforgiveable action. Also excels at pub quizzes and cuts a mean graduated bob. [Henry]

Mix gently with a scrabble obsessed publisher who has a peculiar streak of grey hair and a habit of comparing her past conquests to her DJ boyfriend. Currently lost, but hoping to stumble across herself soon. Will settle for any associated parts she can re-assemble along the way. [Zoe]

The result? The Trouble with Henry and Zoe, an achingly emotional blitz of lighthearted romantic moments and flashes of humour throughout – and what a magic read it is!

Differing circumstances lead Henry and Zoe to become single overnight and the story progresses as to how this came to be. In the wake of their lives recently imploding, a natural scepticism toward romantic interludes has evolved. As a result, their encounters are bursting with some unpredictable moments. These are packed into a mutual noncommittal time span of a few months before Zoe is scheduled to pack up her troubles to travel; some are touchingly comic and others I can only describe as the most perfect icing on a heart-warming cake.

There’s an unchallenging rhythm to the alternating Henry / Zoe chapters that’s so easy to fall into step with. Although they were destined to suffer the worst year of their lives without it we wouldn’t get to share their candid responses to these life changing events and how they decide to confront them. The layers of these two complete strangers gradually build and you will soon realise exactly what the title of this book suggests.

Considering this isn’t my usual fare when it comes to books, I’m a little taken aback by how much I loved it! But I think that’s because it’s not dreadfully soppy, nor does it present unrealistic expectations. This refreshingly mellow story keeps its feet firmly on the ground and was simply a breeze to read – I have no hesitation recommending it to, well, just about everyone!

Rating:  5/5

(Huge thanks to the publisher and Jamie Criswell for arranging a copy of this delightful title in exchange for an unbiased review.)

Trouble With Henry and Zoe Book Summary

(Courtesy of Amazon UK)

A heart-warming and funny novel about love and the choices we make. How bad choices can lead to good things, and how life is never what you expect it to be. Perfect for fans of One Day and Me Before You, from the author of The Two of Us.

Henry and Zoe have more in common than they realise. For a start, they both have pasts they’d rather leave behind. After jilting his childhood sweetheart on the eve of their wedding, Henry makes a break for London. He has no friends, no job, no home, no plan.

Zoe has great friends, two jobs, a new house, and a big scary plan. After a traumatic, life-changing event, she plans to leave London and spend a year travelling. Alone.

If Henry and Zoe had met one year ago, things might have worked out differently. But that’s not the way life works. They meet seven months after their worlds have been turned upside down. And four months before Zoe is due to climb on a plane…


Trouble With Henry and Zoe Author Profile

(Courtesy of Amazon UK)

Andy Jones lives in London with his wife and two little girls. During the day he works in an advertising agency; at weekends and horribly early in the mornings, he writes fiction.