Audio Book Review: White is the Coldest Colour (Dr David Galbraith Book 1), by John Nicholl (narrated by Jake Urry)

Release date:  26th May 2016

Listening length:  9 hours and 10 minutes

White Coldest My Review

White is the Coldest Colour Audio Book CoverI previously reviewed the Ebook version of this story and the Author has kindly provided an Audio copy in exchange for an unbiased review. You might think that a little pointless considering I already know how things go. Oh yes, I know just how nauseatingly vile this abuser character is. Yet this audio book added a whole new level of creep to his ‘affairs’ and found I was listening more intently to the story than the first time I’d encountered it.

The repugnant nature of this book is difficult to accept at first. It doesn’t skirt around upsetting scenes and your immediate reaction might be to avoid them. But this warts and all account of the lowest form of predator is 100% gripping, even if it does make your blood boil.

The author’s portrayal of a child abuser’s identity and his close circle is meticulously laid before you with a steady building block approach until the suspense is incredible. Despite his disturbing fixation on his innocent targets and maintaining undeniable contempt for everyone around him, he successfully convinces everyone of his child psychology professionalism using his perfectly timed compliments and charismatic determination.

But I also heard the cutting viciousness of his private insults and the sickening plots he hatched, and knew I was powerless to intervene. Who else could challenge him? His wife? His colleagues? His victims? You cannot help but tackle each new chapter with fresh hope that someone, anyone, will confront the evil beast.

This was my first audio book experience and if I’m completely honest I was overwhelmed by it. I adore ‘real’ books and have never considered listening to one before now. I couldn’t believe how the atmosphere and the character’s nuances could be portrayed with such precision, but they absolutely were. Without a doubt the narrator of this audio book, the talented Jake Urry, has captured the dark essence and stomach churning mood of the plot (virtual round of applause for a cracking performance).

Irrespe­­­­ctive of the book format, and while it’s a bleak rather than an ‘entertaining’ read, you’ll hang on every compelling word. Previously rated as 4.5/5 for the Ebook, but for the audio I simply must award 5/5 for the outstanding combined performance from Mr Urry and of course the author, John Nicholl.

Rating: 5/5

And should you wish, you can read my review for the ebook here.

(I received a copy of this audio book courtesy of the author in exchange for an unbiased review, with my thanks.)

White Coldest Book Summary

(Courtesy of Amazon UK)

The Mailer family are oblivious to the terrible danger that enters their lives when seven-year-old Anthony is referred to the child guidance service by the family GP following the breakdown of his parents’ marriage. Fifty-eight year old Dr David Galbraith, a sadistic predatory paedophile employed as a consultant child psychiatrist, has already murdered one child in the soundproofed cellar below the South Wales Georgian town-house he shares with his wife and two young daughters. Anthony becomes Galbraith’s latest obsession, and he will stop at nothing to make his grotesque fantasies reality.

The novel is entirely fictional, but draws on my experiences as a police officer, child protection social worker, manager and trainer. During my career I was faced with case after case that left me incredulous as to the harm sexual predators chose to inflict on their victims. The book reflects that reality. The story is set in 1992, a more naïve time when many found it extremely difficult to believe that a significant number of adults posed a serious risk to children. The book contains content that some readers may find disturbing from the start. It is dedicated to survivors everywhere.



White Coldest Author Linksjpg

john nicholl author photo

White is the coldest colour is a chilling dark psychological suspense thriller which draws on John Nicholl’s experiences as a police officer and child protection social worker.

The novel entered the Amazon top 100 bestsellers chart after just 15 days, and reached # 1 in British Detectives and Vigilante Justice. The author wrote articles relating to child protection for newspapers and a national social work magazine during his career, but this is his first novel. He lives in rural West Wales, has been happily married for many years, and has three adult children and one grandchild.



Dr David Galbraith (Book 2) – Audio Book

When Evil Calls Your Name bu John Nicholl - Audio Book Cover

Although I’ve reviewed the Ebook version of this title, sadly I’ve not had time to listen to the audio book (yet!). Although I have no doubt it too will deliver yet another sinister and twisted ‘reading’ experience…



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