Book Review: The Theseus Paradox, by David Videcette

Publication date: 15th November 2015  |  This edition: Kindle (Review Copy)


THE THESEUS PARADOX KINDLE COVERA thought-provoking book for sure, more accurately one that plays with your mind, The Theseus Paradox demonstrates a ‘fictional’ version of events leading up to the 7/7 bombings and the aftermath that ensued during the official investigation into the who and why.

Sometimes the laws that are used to protect citizens also bind the hands of our authorities. Well, that’s what Jake’s are for, and our lead character is a complex soul. Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan of the Anti-Terrorist Branch can be described many things: a family man, a ladies man and an all-out action man when required, all rolled into one determined package.

Ultimately, he never shirks his duty to discover the truth, much to his own detriment. In fact, he goes above and beyond what is required. And yet, the responsibility of endeavouring to save hundreds of lives is a heavy burden to carry and he’s only human after all. Often he finds the best way to anaesthetise his thought process by relieving the closest bar of their entire stock of alcoholic beverages, or spending time in the company of various ladies. Usually both.

Despite the company he regularly keeps Jake still seems very much alone. There are few people he can trust in this line of work, and circumstances beyond the official investigation of that fateful date tie the truth in knots. The frustration of getting no where fast while your life is falling apart can lead to bad decisions, both personal and professional. With everything at stake to get results he takes chances, some of which may come back to haunt him when he least expects it.

And that’s what so good about this predominantly action-lead storyline. Not only do we have a character that has guts and foresight to act as a barrier between the unscrupulous minds of lethal criminals and the unsuspecting public, but one who is also consumed by his experiences and despite his daily heroics is unable to save himself. You may judge him by his antics at first, I know I did, but you’ll soon appreciate his multiple predicaments and the difficulties they present.

More importantly, The Theseus Paradox is a story that turns everything on it’s head. Open your mind to an intricate plot that will challenge any concept you think you had. It doesn’t bend the rules, it wrings them out. It’s devious enough to be genuinely unsettling, as this alternate vision appears almost too real at intervals. Given the author’s background as a former Scotland Yard Investigator of the 7/7 London bombings in July 2005, it does make you think – exactly how fine is that line between fact and fiction?

Okay. To summarise:  Seriously people, you need to read this book. It’s pretty darned good.

Rating: 5/5

(My sincere thanks to the author for providing a digital copy of his book for review.)


We accepted it was terrorism. But what if we were wrong? What if London’s July bombings were the greatest criminal deception of our time? 7 July 2005: in the midst of Operation Theseus, the largest terrorist investigation that the UK has ever known, Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan begins to ask difficult questions that lead to the mysterious disappearance of his girlfriend and his sudden suspension from the Metropolitan Police. Who masterminded London’s summer of terror? Why can’t Flannagan make headway in the sprawling investigation? Are the bombings the perfect ploy to mask a different plot entirely? Is Jake’s absent girlfriend really who she claims to be?

While hunting for the answers to the most complex terrorist case in British history, one man will uncover the greatest criminal deception of our time. Terror, extremism and fear of the unknown, Sometimes the answer is much closer to home.

‘A chillingly credible tale based on real circumstances.’

‘A five-star, explosive finale.’

‘Leaves the reader hungry to research this version of events!’

‘A believable conspiracy theory with an incredible ring of truth.’

‘This fictional thriller holds a lot of water. Do not miss!’

‘A powerhouse of a fact-fiction mash-up.’ ‘

A stunning ‘big reveal’ at the end.’

‘Brilliant stuff that smacks you in the face!’

The author: David Videcette is a former Scotland Yard investigator who has worked on a wealth of infamous cases, including the 7 July London bombings in 2005. He has twenty years of police and investigative experience as a British detective, specialising in counter-terrorist operations and organised crime. He currently consults on security operations for high-net-worth individuals and is an expert media commentator on crime, terrorism, extremism and the London 7/7 attacks. ‘I can’t tell you the truth, but I can tell you a story…’


Theseus AUTHOR LINKSDavid VidecetteDavid Videcette is a former Scotland Yard investigator within the Metropolitan Police who has worked on a wealth of infamous cases. With twenty years of police experience, including counter terrorist operations and organised crime, David was a detective in the Anti-Terrorist Branch during the 7/7 London bombings in July 2005.

David has entered and searched thousands of properties, placed bugs on cars, chased suspects up train tracks and vehicles down motorways. Today he uses that experience in his writing, as the author of a series of detective novels starring DI Jake Flannagan. The Theseus Paradox is the first novel in the series.

David lives in London. He currently consults on security operations for high-net-worth individuals. He is a key media commentator on crime and terrorism. You can find out more about him by visiting his website at

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