Frank Derrick’s Holiday of A Lifetime, by J.B.Morrison

Publisher: Pan Macmillan  |  Publication date: 4th June 2015  |  Edition: Paperback (review copy)

What an endlessly endearing, outrageous cracker of a read!  Below is my fan letter to this book. My apologies, I mean here’s my ‘review‘:

Frank Derricks Holiday of a Lifetime Montage 2

Dear Frank Derrick’s Holiday of A Lifetime by J.B. Morrison,

I have my suspicions that your author may be related to Mary Poppins, as you are practically perfect in every way.

Oh, what a shiny, little gem you are, book.

From the instant I saw your cover, I knew we’d hit it off. As the pages turned and we became better acquainted, I found myself audibly snorting at your jokes, taking myself and passers-by quite by surprise. But I don’t care, book. Only you could deliver such consistently titter-worthy quips in every chapter and make my spirits soar.

Journeying through the story, you sought out every one of the character’s flaws and oddities, approaching difficult situations head on, and yet, somehow you nailed it. By balancing it with a quirky humour all of your own, you have succeeded in shining a light in even the darkest corner.

Your acute people observation skills helped to deliver unique witticisms galore. Even the cat interjects with his own dry monologues, passing comment on the absurdity of the predicaments his owner finds himself wading into; that widowed Frank Derrick, eighty-two years young and from Fullwind-on-Sea, who plans to see his daughter in LA and experiences everyday events, which, by some twist of fate, become unexpectedly extraordinary.

The pure nature of Frank Derrick’s capers, and his interaction with his family the other side of the ‘pond’, is simply priceless.

What a feast of a book you are. I devoured every morsel your inky little world offered with relish.  I shall remember you fondly and recommend you to everyone I meet.

Yours sincerely,

Wendy sig

Little Bookness Lane

Rating: 5/5

[For the record: This is theoretical. I have never written an *actual* letter to a work of fiction / fictional character in real life. Pinky promise.]

(My sincere thanks to the publisher for kindly sending a copy of this amazing book for review @FictionJourneys (Natasha Harding) and @panmacmillan)

 The Official Book Blurb:

A brilliantly quirky and refreshing narrative of the modern holiday through the eyes of a very British pensioner.

Frank Derrick is eighty-two. And apparently that makes him old. But he just doesn’t feel old. Sure, his limbs ache, he can’t sleep more than a few hours a night and it takes him a while to get going in the morning. But he’s still Frank. A dad, a granddad, a friend to Bill the cat.

So when he receives a phone call from Los Angeles with news that his grown-up daughter’s life is falling apart, his natural instinct is to drop everything to be with her. Unfortunately for Frank, that means using his life savings and putting himself in danger of losing his home. But then, Frank’s never been one for long-term plans. He can sort out where he and Bill the cat will live when he’s back.

And so Frank gets on a plane for the first time in his life. He was never much good at helping his daughter through crises when she was growing up. He left all that to his wife Sheila, who died nearly ten years ago. Now it’s time to step up to his role of father to Beth. Joining forces with his determined granddaughter Laura, they begin The Reunion Project in an attempt to bring some happiness back into Beth’s life and to bring the family back together again for one happy family holiday.

Filled with moments of great sadness, joy and humour Frank Derrick’s Holiday of A Lifetime reminds us all to make the most of every day and to appreciate those closest to us.

Author / Book Links:

 Frank Derricks CatYou can follow the author on Twitter: @mrjimBobFrank Derrick Deck Chair

Author’s website: “Mr Jim Bob” (a.k.a. J B Morrison)

Why not explore the ‘Amazon’, and buy the book?: Frank Derrick’s Holiday of A Lifetime


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