IA : Initiate, by John Darryl Winston

Publisher: Purple Ash Press  |  Publication date: 19th April 2014  |  Edition: Kindle (review copy)

IA Initiate by John Darryl Winston

A quirky and intelligent fantasy for Young Adults

Welcome to Naz’s world – The Enclave – where he’ll come face to face with opponents from all walks of life: gangs, an unsympathetic foster carer, a enigmatic chessmaster, but mostly himself.

Naz has already experienced his fair share of troubles following the loss of their mother. The young lad is also tasked with taking care of his little sister, Meri, which isn’t easy given the often unfriendly territory they find themselves in.

Coming to terms with a past he has no memory of, he has to release his own potential in this world by accepting the challenges presented to him. But will he select the path that will set him on the right way in life?

Between episodes of sleepwalking and surreal occurrences involving telekinesis, things just don’t add up. Accepting guidance from his doc/therapist, teachers, and not forgetting wise little Meri, Naz shows us that it’s possible to achieve great things without having to embrace the ‘dark side’. 

Quirky and intelligent, this is an edgy fantasy in places and offers an alternative way of capturing everyday issues to show that ‘brains are better than brawn’.  There’s some nice dialogue exchanged between the characters too.

There are a couple of loose ends I would have liked to have been concluded in the finale (then again, I can be a bit of a ‘neat freak’ sometimes!). Perhaps everything will be explored further in a book two…

All-in-all a different and entertaining story that will appeal to a young adult audience.

Rating: 3.5/5

I must take this opportunity to offer my gratitude to the author, who kindly provided this Kindle edition for me to read and review. Thanks for getting in touch (and letting me loose on your book!)

If you wish, you can follow the author on Twitter: @johndwinston

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