Don’t Turn Around (Detective Jennifer Knight Crime Thriller Series Book 1), By Caroline Mitchell

Publisher: Bookouture  |  Published 24th April 2015  |  Edition: Kindle (via Netgalley)

Dont Turn Around

An perfectly atmospheric, paranormal crime thriller, that will make you want to look over your shoulder while reading…

If you’re looking for a brand spanking new crime wave-breaker, then look no further than the obsessive-compulsive Detective Constable Jennifer Knight – a determined wearer of killer heels with an intuition like no other on the force.

Despite her somewhat difficult childhood, when her parents both passed away under separate tragic circumstances, she’s a girl made good – it appears that upholding the law is in her blood, as she follows in their footsteps.

Yet she recently moved to Haven CID to escape a shadow she had cast on a previous investigation, although her keen investigative skills remain as sharp as her immaculate dress sense.

During her daily routine, Jennifer is called to interview a suspect known to her from long ago. The crime he’s accused of is out of character, so conducts the interview with the suspect, who is starting to behave rather strangely whilst in custody. As the investigation progresses and alarming comments are made, Jennifer is left wondering if there is something sinister than a knife attack is at work.

The interview disturbed her (well, it certainly disturbed me). But she dismissed it, so there’s no need to raise the cavalry and she goes home to her neat, but empty house. That is until she receives silent phone calls, progressing to a distinct feeling of being watched. Ach, she’s a trained police officer, she can cope – can’t she? Well, that would depend on who’s watching, wouldn’t it?

In the meantime, she goes about her job and attends other scenes of crime where sudden deaths have occurred. Similarities between individual cases her mother investigated many years ago start to brew, and Jennifer feels someone is taunting her. She’s trying to think straight: is it a copycat, or is she being paranoid?

Tarot Cards

You may not always hold the cards, but sometimes you should heed what they say…

Convincing her colleagues to listen to her theory that an extraordinary crime spree may be taking place will be the biggest battle she will face, and more than just a matter of life and death to those close to her; in addition to her habitual cleaning habit, it’s a battle she could do without.

And trying to ignore what’s appearing on her radar is getting her nowhere; she needs to trust her own instincts to achieve results, as someone IS watching, someone who lets us hear their side of the story during a few sinister visits to the past  – all expertly executed by the writer (excuse the pun).

This dangerous watcher already knows everything about her, but as a reader you’re just half a step behind him. Just be thankful he doesn’t know that you’re there:

…”Turn around pretty girl, come see what I have for you,” he thought….soon he would be able to touch her, to feel the warmth of her blood. And when the time came, no one would stop him.


Just #DontTurnAround

Soon, Jennifer’s own past catches up with her and she doesn’t even realise until it’s breathing down her neck. I even found myself holding my breath as I waited for the story to unfurl!

Guesswork will only get you so far with this one; I didn’t foresee the destination until I’d arrived. It has a brilliant ending that couldn’t have been better if it had been wrapped up with a bow – I would go as far as to say it’s a TV series just waiting to be made.

With the promise of more books by Caroline Mitchell in the pipeline, I’m looking forward to see just where DC Jennifer Knight’s journey will take us next.

In the meantime, may the police-force be with you…

Rating: 5/5

My sincere thanks to Bookouture, who allowed me to download this superb book from Netgalley 🙂

Caroline Mitchell

Caroline Mitchell, Author of Don’t Turn Around


You can follow the author on Twitter: @Caroline_writes

Publisher: @bookouture

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