No Place To Die (DI Mike Lockyer Series), by Clare Donoghue

Publisher: Pan Macmillan | Published: 12th March 2015 | Version: Kindle via Netgalley

I would have given anything not to be alone. I screamed and cried out, hoping to hear an answer. Someone else in the dark with me. Someone to save me. But there is no one. I am alone.

The fast pace of this story grabbed my attention from the first page, knocked me sideways and then back again.

No Place To Die by Clare Donoghue 12.03.15

A damned fine crime thriller of mammoth proportions.

The story opens with a victim coming to terms with their new surroundings; a cold, dark underground space with no one to answer their screams. As an investigation is launched into their disappearance, the tomb is revisited in the form of a monologue from the victim and mournfully portrays the sheer desperation of their grim situation.

There’s such a human story behind the all of the characters, but particularly DS Jane Bennett, who is also a single mother trying to balance her demanding career with her home life.

Since her boss, D I Lockyer, has been suffering as a result of a previous disastrous investigation, Bennett is now lead detective in charge of finding the missing victim. She is more than capable, if a little inexperienced in her new role, but motherly-guilt is a constant distraction when she has to leave her autistic son in the care of his grandmother.

In addition to the current caseload, where the suspects are enough to make your skin crawl, a retired colleague goes missing. Bennett has to determine whether it’s suicide, or if something more sinister has occurred. In the process, the risk dividing her-self into smaller pieces and achieving nothing is ever present – then another body is discovered…

I not a huge fan of police procedural thrillers, as some are written like a stilted to-do list without feeling, but the everyday workings of this case were perfectly blended into the story.

With its exceptional dialogue, the little nuances between each of the characters made this investigation credible. Although, I’m not entirely convinced that any culprit could get away with their kind of antics completely undetected (hence the 4 stars, and not 5 – I so wanted to give this a 5!).

Even though I wasn’t aware that this was the 2nd outing for team DS Jane Bennett and DI Mike Lockyer, I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything crucial by not reading the first in the series. But this was filled with such tension and suspicion, I’d certainly be interested in reading the next…

Rating: 4/5

(My thanks to the publisher for the copy I received via Netgalley.)

You can follow the author on Twitter:  @claredonoghue


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