Summertime, by Vanessa Lafaye

Publisher: Orion| Publication date: 15th January 2015 | Edition: Hardback

‘Come here, chile.’  Mama wrapped her in the towel. They stood like that for a few minutes, Missy’s head on her shoulder. Mama rubbed her back. ‘Gonna be all right, you see.’

What an outstanding read.

Summertime - Vanessa Lafaye

Summertime – Vanessa Lafaye

From the first page to the last, Summertime held my complete attention. The story, the setting and the dialogue were superb in equal measure. All of these elements were combined flawlessly and drew me right into the fictional town of Heron Key, Florida, a town that the writer has perfectly created.

The story follows the lives of the residents of Heron Key. It builds and brews, right up until it incorporates the real life event of the horrendous Labour Day Hurricane that occurred in 1935.

I was carried along with events as they unfolded at a perfect and compelling pace. It is a story that tackles some hugely difficult subjects of the era – segregation and the broken promises to the war veterans, who had returned from France, and that isn’t half of it.

Despite some of the raw subjects in this book, I couldn’t help but read on and on. The writer effortlessly offers a sense of real people’s lives through their gut-wrenching losses and their gimmers of hope: black and white, old and young – every single character is unique, and every one of them is expertly portrayed.

To say this book masterpiece is an understatement. It’s utterly, utterly brilliant and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Rating: 5/5

(My thanks to the publisher and Holly @bookaholicholly for selecting me to win a copy of this magnificent book. I’m a very lucky reader!)

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