Murder, by Sarah Pinborough

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books | Publication date: 4th December 2014 | Edition: Paperback (own copy)

Any arguments deduced from the nature of her wounds suggest not that she was murdered for her money…but that she was assassinated by somebody who found a revengeful satisfaction in battering her even after his first blows had killed her…

Murder by Sarah Pinborough

We meet again, Dr Bond | Murder, the sequel to Mayhem.

You know those books you have to keep reading in a frenzied, all-consuming attempt to discover what happens next?

Well, the first there was ‘Mayhem’, by Sarah Pinborough, which was such an excellent read I had no hesitation in buying it’s sequel, ‘Murder’ – and I was not disappointed!

To summarise:

Dr Bond believes that his previous connection with the Jack the Ripper case had ceased, along with his Opium dependency, but to his dismay, he finds that the depravity soon returns to haunt him, and it’s far worse than he could ever have expected.

Now, not only are there the bodies of dead infants in the Thames, murder on railway and the underbelly of Victorian life to contend with – “Jack” is back, with a habit that grows and needs to be fed.

Don’t be fooled into believing that these books merely regurgitate the same reports of old. The stories we’ve all heard surrounding the infamous serial killer now have their own unique and slightly fantastical element behind the crimes being committed. The evil deeds are perfectly descriptive to let you oversee just enough horror, and these scenes are quite unnerving, as the killer is not of this world.

As ‘Murder’ leaps right into events and characters that appeared in the first book, to have a better understanding of the continuing story it would make more sense for you to read ‘Mayhem’ first.

Rating: Absolutely a 5/5 without a doubt.  Very happy to recommend.

You can follow the author on Twitter: @SarahPinborough

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