Conversations with Spirits, by E O Higgins

Publisher: Unbound | Publication date: 13th March 2014 | Edition: Paperback (own copy)

‘A drink, Horrocks,’ I called out to the waiting barman. ‘Better make it strong, I have a mouth as dry as a Shavian Epigram…’

Conversation with spirits

Fancy a conversation with spirits? Trelawney Hart certainly did…

So happy to have seen the New Year in with Conversations With Spirits (the book, that is).

I completely adored this book: the story, the wit, the characters – especially the main chap, Trelawney Hart. His apparent genius is often supressed by his eternal desire for cherry brandy, which he consumes in extraordinarily large quantities.

The writing is first class, you can almost imagine the clinking of glasses in the numerous bars that Hart visits. And everyone can enjoy the Sherlock Holmes references without being an avid fan; Conan Doyle’s appearance is entirely convincing in his capacity as advocate to the spiritualist world, even Harry Price of The Borley Rectory ‘fame’ (the most haunted house in England) makes his presence known – simply brilliant.

To summarise very briefly, Mr Hart is called upon to bear witness to the extraordinary feat of a man walking through a solid brick wall. His job is to debunk if he can, but with photographic evidence showing no doubt as to what has occurred, and other eye-witnesses testifying to this magical event, why then is he the only one who disbelieves what his eyes are showing him?

He meets some odd ball characters along the way, drinks far too much, and seems to spend a lot of time confined to his bed or the floor, but what can I say – I loved it.

My only regret? Not buying the hardback version.

Rating: 5/5

You can follow the writer on Twitter: @eohiggins

He has a few odd snippets to offer on occasion, so it’s pretty entertaining.

Published by @unbounders


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