Vendetta, by Dreda Say Mitchell

Vendetta 14.12.14

A tense thriller with plenty of pace.

Publisher: Hodder | Publication date: 6th November 2014 | Edition: Paperback (own copy)

A fast paced, crime thriller surrounding the dark world of deep undercover police and their involvement within the Russian underground, and someone with a vendetta.

The writing was excellent and chapters are quite clipped, too, which made it really easy to absorb the varying degrees of twists throughout.

So, why only 4 stars? Well, I loved the storyline and strong characters, but toward the end it became a little sensationalised – I appreciate undercover police have to go through some pretty horrendous ordeals in ‘real life’, but it all got a bit ‘James Bond’ for me. Such a heck of a lot happened in the space of 24 hours, and there were a fair few modes of transport being used as settings, or a means of escape in the last chapters (boat, plane, train…). Having said that, this book would be absolutely perfect for anyone who relishes a true cat and mouse crime thriller.

If you like a read with lots of intrigue, guns, knives (and perhaps an odd explosion to liven things up just a wee bit more), you’ll find this one right up your street.

Rating: 4/5

You can follow the author on Twitter: @DredaMitchell


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