Dying for Christmas, by Tammy Cohen

Dying for Christmas 08.12.14

With its twists and turns, this story is positively wriggling!

Publisher: Black Swan imprint | Publication date: 4th November 2014 | Edition: Paperback (own copy)

Setting a psychological thriller during the twelve days of Christmas was a excellent idea – it would make the most excellent film (not to mention a skin-crawling one).

All told a fantastic read that holds your attention – the plot, the pace, the people, all captured just right.

The general gist of the story is that Jessica Gold meets a man whilst shopping and he subsequently invites her back to his home. She is then held captive over the 12 days of Christmas and each day she receives a bizarre gift from her captor. But matters take on an unexpected twist on the captivity front – it’s a story that goes, much, much deeper, in fact it’s pretty twisted and I didn’t guess the turn of events until I was faced with them!

The main question presents itself:  Who’s willing to play the sick game that the meek and mild Jessica Gold has got herself involved in, and ultimately will she survive it?

I particularly liked the way the font altered during the chapters when Jessica Gold was speaking about her experiences in captivity, to when it switched to the others, the police and her family during her absence. This made it VERY easy to read, as you knew who was narrating and what to expect – you could just sit back and listen to the story flow, without stopping to question where you’d got to and who is talking, as with some books you read. The chapters are quite short, too, helping you to absorb the intense story, bit by bit.

And it wasn’t all police procedural either, which makes a refreshing change. It was ALL STORY from start to finish, simply proving that as a reader you don’t need to know EVERY minute detail about police work to know how to catch a killer…

It’s a jaw dropping book, but I had to re-read the ending to fully grasp it, but as soon as the penny dropped I was like, “ooooh, now that’s clever.”

Rating: 4/5

You can follow the author on twitter: @MsTamarCohen


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